Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In case you were curious

This past semester, spring 2014, I had the incredible privilege of taking my first ever legitimate photography course. Introduction to Digital Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design with Matt Clowney might be one of my favorite courses in my entire college career.

During this semester I learned more about digital editing than I ever could have imagined. After years and years of science courses, it was refreshing (and surprisingly difficult) to take an art class.

A few examples of my work from the course in order of project:

Our first assignment was to take infinite amounts of photos of a recurring theme. I got literally all of my friends to pose for this one, so I apologize that so few of them are actually making this post!

Study of Motion

Study of Aperture

Simple/Graphic Print Series

Treasure Hunt Series
A list of words/concepts that we had to find and capture throughout the semester.



Final Project
Including the very first image. A huge thank you to my roommate/good friend Helen for taking time out of her schedule to scout locations and model/run around for me!

I have not taken an art class since elementary school and while this is not my best body of work, I ultimately was happy with my end results. I am so glad that I finally took advantage of the opportunity to expand my digital photography horizons. Thanks Matt!

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