Sunday, November 24, 2013


Taken by Cassidy!
Barcelona was everything that Paris has not been: warm, colorful, and full of Brown frisbee friends! The weekend I visited Barcelona happened to be the weekend every other Brown student abroad decided to visit Barcelona as well. On top of the group of Brownies actually studying in Barcelona, there must have been at least ten of us visiting. Even though it was raining for 75% of my trip, I had a lot of fun exploring and eating in this exciting city.

The day that I arrived was what appears to have been the last day of beautiful weather in Barca. After chorizo sandwiches and plenty of Cava, we went down to the Playa de la Barceloneta where I experienced the (freezing) waters of the Mediterranean and witnessed the most amazing sunset.

Taken by Cassidy!

The next day we visited the two houses and church in Barcelona designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. The Casa Milà and Casa Batlló are both very cool and Gaudí's church, the Sagrada Família, is the most amazing structure I have ever seen. Gaudí took over its construction in 1883, but died in 1926 before it could be completed. Construction is scheduled to be complete in 2026.

Casa Milà
Casa Batlló

The tiniest dog scuttled by me as I was looking at the outside of the Sagrada Família.
On our last day we did a lot of walking in the pouring rain. Highlights included Barca's cute red Arc de Triomf and the El Borne Centre Cultural.

El Born CC 

Even in the rain, Barcelona remains colorful.

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