Saturday, February 4, 2012

EZ cooking, classy dining

Last night, my friends Ezra and Hannah decided to throw an elegant dinner party involving button-down shirts, piano music, and dim lighting. Ezra made delicious food (EZ cooking with EZbaby) from fresh ingredients, and Hannah made a baller macaroni & cheese that even I, a declared hater of cheese, tried and enjoyed.
Oven roasted root vegetables & pan-fried gnocchi with pesto
Nutella & jam make for a very good crepe spread

It was both a classy and messy affair. wine was spilled, nutella was smeared, and there was even an accidental stove fire that set off the smoke detector. Never before have I seen so many well-dressed people bustling around in a tiny dorm building kitchen. I got to wear a dress that showed off the henna wing tattoos on my back, which was extra exciting.
Our elegant solution to the sounding smoke detector
Like most freshman-organized things, there was not enough table space and way too many dishes. But good food & good fun was to be had by all and I had an excellent time.

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