Friday, December 16, 2011

Guy ate here

Loui's is one of those charmingly small diners with an eclectic collection of signs, plaques, and paintings. A giant Santa Claus statue with a yellowing beard was perched in a corner and the strip of wall above the counter was a confusing mix of photographs, bumper stickers, and handwritten signs advertising daily specials. When I first stepped through the doors, I noticed a Brown University pennant hanging over the doorway. I found the entire effect very cute and eccentric--I loved it instantly.

About a five minute walk from campus, Loui's is well-known in Providence as a provider of food that is both delectable and cheap--perfect for poor college students. It's even been featured on the food network!
Banana tree!
Guy Fieri's graffiti from his visit here for the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.
Having both just submitted final papers/projects for some of our classes, Hannah & I decided to celebrate by losing our Loui's virginity. We gathered a group of people together for breakfast this afternoon--after all, breakfast at 1pm is only for the classiest of classy.
I'm no expert foodie, but the food at Loui's was absolutely delicious. After four months accustomed to Ratty dining hall sausage, it was a real treat to have sausages that really tasted animal. I tried frozen hot chocolate for the first time and my friends were served steaming platters loaded with toast, eggs, and home fries. Hannah and I ordered pancakes--pumpkin pancakes for me and granola pancakes for her. The pumpkin pancakes were packed with flavor and the granola was a subtle mix of crunchy and cinnamon-y.
We'll definitely be coming back here--at least for two for $2 muffin Mondays.

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