Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Struggle City

It's a phrase that my good friend Hannah used one time a couple weeks ago and now I can't stop using it. And it's probably a pretty apt description of my morning. I was so prepared to go to my morning class for the first time since around Halloween. I even woke up early and showered (that effort alone was a struggle). But when the time came to leave, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I suddenly became acutely aware of the piles of dirty laundry that have been sitting here taunting me for the past three weeks or so--you see, I do my laundry only when i start running low on socks.

And so instead of going to the last chem lecture of the semester, I stayed in to do laundry. After that I got it into my head to try to take blog-y, outfit post-y shots. I must have been delusional to think that I could do that by myself with a 50mm lens and without a tripod. but here is the sad, sad product of that hard work, which involved me balancing my camera precariously on my roommate's dresser and tripping over her chair in the process of getting across the room before the timer ran out. the slight hunch in my pose is probably a result of the daggers of pain shooting through my toes.
Shirt - H&M. One of the most useful pieces in my wardrobe.
Earrings - Asos. Is it too hipster of me to be attracted to spikes?
My badass henna & the bracelet that Kathy, one of my best friends, made me last year.

After laundry, I noticed that I had yet to put up christmas decorations in my room. Which resulted in my falling off my desk several times in attempts to put them up. Whose bright idea was it to give college students rocking desk chairs anyway?

In other news: RIP Dr. Hermes Oz, you were a good beta fish.

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  1. Hi Jane! Your photography skills and sense of style are *amazing.* Keep posting! I hope life is good at Brown :]