Saturday, December 24, 2011

Providence in monochrome

My family and I cleverly booked a flight back home for the evening of the 22nd. And so once everyone had gone back home for break by the afternoon of the 21st and even the people who had stayed to party one last night had left early morning on the 22nd, I found myself to be one of the very last people left at Brown. It was quite an eerie feeling to walk around the halls and not hear people through the doors, not smell the attempts of a cooking experiment in the kitchen, and not see people awkwardly walking down to the bathroom wearing just a towel.

I was at loss as to what to do for the entire day. All the doors to my building had been demagnetized so I could either hole up in the dorm or move to the outside once and for all. after a morning with the first option, I finally went with the second. I stashed my bags at the clinic and went into downtown Providence armed with just my ipod and my camera. a little (a lot) hipster, I know.

In the middle of my wanderings I happened upon a goldmine of artsy fartsy poetic graffiti.
There were three panels of this faded lavender writing with ivy growing over it. The full poem went something like this: "I wanted to paint you a castle in the sky but a hot mouthed kiss of destiny got garbled in distant conundrums. In the immensity of my passion for you I found this one quippish phrase: that a world with you in it was forever a more magical place than one without."

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