Friday, December 9, 2011

I tend to wallow in nostalgia

I collapsed onto this couch with the full intention of reading one of the five articles I need for a final paper on digital media, but ended up scrolling through my friend's tumblrs. It's incredibly gratifying to find those posts labeled "to my girls" or "@janebear" or the like. If I really think about it, the fact that people are able to make impressionable dents into the lives of others is truly an amazing concept. How crazy is it that right now at this very moment people might be thinking about you, whether it's because you're part of their daily lives or because they saw something that is reminiscent of you?

Meet my girls. I suppose that in the long run, I haven't even known them for that long. We weren't even always a group of friends through high school. But something about that tumultuous journey has made us unbelievably close. What we've lacked in constancy we have made up in depth.
"I feel like your entire tumblr is dedicated to jjks-isms. I laugh at every single one because they're so true." - S

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